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La Esquina del lago Jungle River Lodge

Hospedage Ecologico  located in  Refugio de Vida Silvestre  Los Guatuzos  

Kayaking  on Rio San Juan Nicaragua, Since 1998 ... Medio Queso, Rio Frio, Laguna de Perla, Orinoco, National parks / Reserves :

Los Guatuzos, Medio Queso, Indio Maiz,Solentiname Archipelago, sabalo,  El CastilloSan Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua    

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Solentiname Kayak Adventures


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Birding, Wild life, Fishing, History, Artists, Painters, Sculptors...


Your guides Members of Arana family are from Solentiname...






Solentiname kayaks Adventures

  Several options for Kayaking trip in Solentiname

 We will custom according to your Expectations..


It can be on One day,Three days,  a week.. or more... Party from 1 to 14 persons


1 Day trip from my lodge La Esquina Del Lago ) Lodge is located on a 30 acres Property in National Park =

We will cross lake aboard one of my motor boat ..( 15 km to reach Archipielago )  Bringing the Kayaks with us  then padle around.. At the bird Island.. Chichicaste where we will have our lunch with a Fisher man Family ..or at La traversera island.. etc... Some fishing available  if wanted...



2) Multi day trip give us the oportunity to discover more of the Archipielago..

We offer everal option for Lodging..

        We can camp at fishermen places ( We provide all equipment )

        Stay at friends Home...

        Stay in Lodges..

        Whatever....  We own an Island there in a very remote area we also can Camp there..

These are real Adventures... We first cross the lake 14 miles from my Lodge kayaks aboard one of my motor boat when around  the Island we use the Kayaks...

We custom each trip

        If you want to fish we will provide Tackles..

        In  these trips Wild life is all around... Fascinating bird Watching

        Solentiname is an historical destination.. Ernesto Cardenal Church ..Museum

        The artists painters and Sculptors made Archipielago World famous


Guides in these Solentiname Adventures are Native from the Archipielago... Moyses Arana .. Christian Arana... Sons of Artist Cabo Arana...



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Pricing vary with size of the party, Accomodations.. .... please consult   E-Mail Philippe


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