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Hospedage Ecologico  located in  Refugio de Vida Silvestre  Los Guatuzos  

Kayaking Adventures ... On Rio San Juan Nicaragua, Since 1998  Medio Queso, Rio Frio, Laguna de Perla, Orinoco,

National parks / Reserves : Los Guatuzos, Medio Queso, Indio Maiz, Solentiname Archipelago, sabalo,  El Castillo


5mn away from San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua in peace and Natural .    Tel Lodge  (505) 88 49 06 00 


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Kayaking Rio San Juan Adventures ...

San Carlos to San Juan del Norte  7 days, 6 nights...

 PRICING FROM $ 600 PER PERSON  ALL INCLUSIVE ... (Minimum 2 Guests, )




7 Days 6 Nights Trip Kayaking Rio San Juan Nicaragua from San Carlos to Caribean


We also can do this trip on 5 days 4 nights... or add some days..

All  depend on time you have available.. Wishes ...Expectations 

A lot of Options available  We can or not includes meals ..

lodging can be at Rangers Camps or in Lodges..

( Trip can also be organized from hotel in Managua or Granada.. Or with airport Pick up at International Airport of Managua Nicaragua or San Jose Costa Rica then Transfer to Rio San Juan ..  in such a case ad 1 day/night.. Etc..)


Please send me email explaining what you Expect..Will forward itinerary and acurate Pricing .


 E-Mail Philippe


7 Days 6 Nights Kayaking Rio San Juan from San Carlos

Trip is on Rio San Juan  120 miles going through and around:  San Carlos, Isla del Pitasso, Medio queso, Sabalo, Rio Pocosol, El Castillo, Indio Mais Reserve, Infernillo, Bocana San Carlos, Bocana Sarapiqui, La Tigra, El Delta... San Juan de Nicaragua... 

Day 1

We will meet you in San Carlos Transfer to Lodge Briefing .. Practice on Rio Frio , Bird and animal watching , Dinner night at la Esquina del Lago Lodge in Refugio de vida silvestre  Los Guatuzos,If wanted  Cayman Tour at Night

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Day 2  San Carlos to Sabalo   45 km  Padling 5 to 8 hours

Breakfast, Kayaking Down river Rio San Juan , El Pitasso, Medio queso. Lunch on River banks., Dinner Night in Sabalo at nice lodge on River Banks,



Day 3  Sabalo to  Barthola 20 km  Paddling 4 to 7 hours

Breakfast, Kayaking rio Sabalo Cacao Plantation...

Rapid del Toro Lunch in El Castillo, Visit of Fortress and Museum

Diner Night at Barthola, in Indio Mais Reserve Treking posible close by Reserve


Day 4   Barthola to Bocana Rio San Carlos 40 km  Padling 4 to 7 Hours

Some Rapids on that day Machuca..Infernillo.. Gold rush wrecks on river banks...


Kayaking Rio Barthola or Trecking in Rio Indio Mais Reserve,

Lunch on river banks or aboard ... Rapid Infernillo,Gold rush time boat Wrecks..

Dinner Night in Indio Mais Reserve  at Bocana Rio San Carlos  Ranger Station



Day 5  Bocana Rio San Carlos  La Tigra  50 km Padling 5 to 8 Hours

Breakfast... Kayaking Down River

Lunch River banks  or aboard

Dinner Night in Indio Mais Reserve at Ranger Station

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Day 6 La Tigra San Juan Del Norte  50 km  Padling 5 to 8 Hours


Lunch river banks or aboard

Dinner Night San Juan de Nicaragua Grey town at Marthas Place

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Day 7


Departure day Return up River or Flight to Mananagua..(See Options)



* For better comfort we have hamocs, mosquitoes nets.. Camping tents.. Camping bed  ( this is useful when in indio Mais Rangers station .. 2 nights )

* Return San Juan del Norte to Managua with Direct flight from San Juan de Nicaragua to Managua ( CAREFULL On Thursday and Sunday ONLY  1h flight .. Arrival in Managua International around 3.30pm)

* Return can also be with Public boat San Juan Norte San Carlos 7h then transfer to Managua



* We can custom this Rio San Juan Kayak Adventures...

Put emphasis on what you are the most interested in History, Arts, Wild Life, Birding, ....

* We  can add or quit some days but for trip all the way down to the Caribean sea (120  miles )  has to be on a minimum of 5 Days 4 Nights.... Eventualy 4 days 3 nights...


We can custom your trip ... also organise shorter trips...

From San Carlos to El Castillo (  on 1 or 2 days )

From sabalo to Castillo to  San Juan de Nicaragua Caribean sea ( 4 days 3 nights )

We also offer Kayaking Adventures in Solentiname Archipelago,

can be on one day from my Lodge or multi day.. with over nights etc..


The more I know upon your expectation the easier to built the convenient trip for you E-Mail Philippe



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